Antidote 1


Antidote 1

Hinterhaus, Fichtestrasse 3, 10967 Berlin Germany

Teemu Mäki


Anna-Liisa Kankaanmäki (1985—) and her spouse, Katariina Katla (1983—) are excellent painters with a sick inclination towards kitschy painting styles and perverse humor. They challenge the heteronormative convictions of sexuality and explore reversals of culturally produced gender roles in a way that reminds me of Kathy Acker (1947—1997). In Anna-Liisa’s big, ironic painting, Individual Freedom, a group of individuals struggle in a void, anchored only by the gravity of their mortality, and in some kind of sexual pain precisely because of the terrible, undeniable freedom they personify. Katariina’s brand new cartoon album, Käytävät/Corridors, an exploration of children’s sexuality and/or pedophilic fantasies of coming to age in the style of Georges Bataille (1897—1962), Kalervo Palsa (1947—1987) and the aforementioned Acker.


Timo Bredenberg
Tristan Chijinyman +
Lisa Erdman
Tristan Hamel +
Minna Havukainen
Miina Hujala
Jan Ijäs
Henna Inkinen
Anna-Liisa Kankaanmäki
Katariina Katla
Jonna Karanka
Jaana Kokko
Tommi Lehtovirta
Maija Ojanen
Kukka Ranta
Laura Ukkonen
Susanna Vuorio
Teemu Mäki w/ Perkele Collective